The Most Beautiful and Expensive Crystal Chandelier in The World

The Most Beautiful and Expensive Crystal Chandelier in The World

The lamp now no longer functions as lighting. Some houses make lamps as exclusive furniture because light is one of the first things seen when entering the living room.

Because this lamp is not just a lamp, it takes several world-class designers to design other quality from the light.

These lights not only provide perfect lighting but also coated with crystals made by hand or other metals that are also handmade. Especially in glamorous places like Casino, lighting is an essential effect for visitor experience. Based on as sports book and online casino website, lighting themes also makes their website stands out. Here are the five most expensive lamps in the world CASH version.

# Salviati Chandelier

Giulio Salviati – Italy – US $ 1,000,000


  1. Even though he called the candle holder, but still Salviati Chandelier was categorized as a chandelier. The lamp, made in the 19th century, is the masterpiece of the Italian designer, Giulio Salviati and produced by the Salviati company in Murano, Italy.
  2. Indeed, this lamp is the only lamp left by Salviati. Discovered by a man in one corner of the former Salviati Museum, which had no trace as a result of the abolition of the museum 35 years ago.
  3. The Salviati Chandelier measures 83 inches tall with a diameter at the widest point of 67 inches. Made from pieces of Murano glass and gold, making it a very rare lamp.

#Tiffany Wisteria Lamp

Tiffany Studios – USA – US $ 1,205,000


  1. Wisteria is the most iconic design model of Tiffany Studios. The world recognizes this lamp as an icon of American design and is one of the most successful masterpieces. No wonder this Wisteria is a collection of New York’s oldest museums, United States.
  2. It created in 1901, the concept mimics a blooming flower or rather a wisteria grape tree that is in bloom. Made from 2,000 pieces of glass chosen and cut by himself. So that when turned on, these lights cause different color effects.
  3. Produced with close supervision, beautiful blue glass, and the selection of moving lens, it has the result of a collection of florets like bright jewels. So it’s not strange that these lights appear on Southeby to be an auction. The jewels also really brighten up for poker table, it gives soothe feeling for the players when thinking about next strategy when they play in such a fancy casino building with family or friends.

# Daum Crystal Chandelier 448 Roses

Cristallerie Daum – France – US $ 1,760,000


  1. The Daum factory has established since 1878, and the company is still standing. The glass art produced by Cristallerie Daum always signed by the initials P. D’Avesn, Lorrain or Val. The highest work of the Daum factory is a glass overlay made in collaboration with Louis Majorelle, a bronze artist.
  2. Daum Crystal Chandelier 448 Roses itself is a modernist chandelier that is truly unique. Consists of 448 Daum Crystal roses that are delicate and attractive, so that besides functioning as a torch also because of its beauty can inspire someone to do something.
  3. With a height of 81.9 inches and a width of 41.5 inches, Daum Crystal 448 offers uniqueness in each of its parts. Because no two crystals are the same.

# Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier

Dale Chihuly – USA – US $ 1,800,000


  1. Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier is a masterpiece of Dale Chihuly, a glass engraver artist who is also an American businessman. As the name suggests, this giant crystal chandelier located in 360 Mall, Kuwait.
  2. Unfortunately, a decorative lamp specifically created as an expression or expression of luxury, and something that gives this extraordinary sensation value was destroyed by a young man who deliberately threw his shoe at the lamp.
  3. I did not think that my shoes could destroy the exotic hanging lights, so the reason the young man was interrogated by authorities in Kuwait.

# Pink Lotus Tiffany Lamp

Louis Comfort Tiffany and Associated Artists –¬†USA – US $ 2,800,000


  1. The most expensive lamp in the world is the Pink Lotus, which was auctioned at Christie’s Auction House on December 12, 1997. This lamp was sold for the US $ 2.8 million, then dubbed as the most expensive lamp in the world. Pink Lotus was created by the Tiffany Company, which was founded by Louis Comfort Tiffany.
  2. Initially, Tiffany only made beautiful glass decorations, along with the achievement of her popularity, Tiffany later developed her business working on special and scarce decorative lights. Starting from the selection of wood materials, metal formers, designers to glass manufacturers, all selected and determined by Tiffany, so the results also cause extraordinary admiration.
  3. The Pink Lotus lamp itself made of 2000 beautiful pieces of broken glass, then wrapped in copper foil and lead soldered together. The buffer made of bronze with a mosaic pattern then planted stained glass. The shape of the eight overlapping lotus flowers then forms this beautiful lamp.
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