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The Most Beautiful and Expensive Crystal Chandelier in The World

The Most Beautiful and Expensive Crystal Chandelier in The World

The lamp now no longer functions as lighting. Some houses make lamps as exclusive furniture because light is one of the first things seen when entering the living room.

Because this lamp is not just a lamp, it takes several world-class designers to design other quality from the light.

These lights not only provide perfect lighting but also coated with crystals made by hand or other metals that are also handmade. Especially in glamorous places like Casino, lighting is an essential effect for visitor experience. Based on as sports book and online casino website, lighting themes also makes their website stands out. Here are the five most expensive lamps in the world CASH version.

# Salviati Chandelier

Giulio Salviati – Italy – US $ 1,000,000


  1. Even though he called the candle holder, but still Salviati Chandelier was categorized as a chandelier. The lamp, made in the 19th century, is the masterpiece of the Italian designer, Giulio Salviati and produced by the Salviati company in Murano, Italy.
  2. Indeed, this lamp is the only lamp left by Salviati. Discovered by a man in one corner of the former Salviati Museum, which had no trace as a result of the abolition of the museum 35 years ago.
  3. The Salviati Chandelier measures 83 inches tall with a diameter at the widest point of 67 inches. Made from pieces of Murano glass and gold, making it a very rare lamp.

#Tiffany Wisteria Lamp

Tiffany Studios – USA – US $ 1,205,000


  1. Wisteria is the most iconic design model of Tiffany Studios. The world recognizes this lamp as an icon of American design and is one of the most successful masterpieces. No wonder this Wisteria is a collection of New York’s oldest museums, United States.
  2. It created in 1901, the concept mimics a blooming flower or rather a wisteria grape tree that is in bloom. Made from 2,000 pieces of glass chosen and cut by himself. So that when turned on, these lights cause different color effects.
  3. Produced with close supervision, beautiful blue glass, and the selection of moving lens, it has the result of a collection of florets like bright jewels. So it’s not strange that these lights appear on Southeby to be an auction. The jewels also really brighten up for poker table, it gives soothe feeling for the players when thinking about next strategy when they play in such a fancy casino building with family or friends.

# Daum Crystal Chandelier 448 Roses

Cristallerie Daum – France – US $ 1,760,000


  1. The Daum factory has established since 1878, and the company is still standing. The glass art produced by Cristallerie Daum always signed by the initials P. D’Avesn, Lorrain or Val. The highest work of the Daum factory is a glass overlay made in collaboration with Louis Majorelle, a bronze artist.
  2. Daum Crystal Chandelier 448 Roses itself is a modernist chandelier that is truly unique. Consists of 448 Daum Crystal roses that are delicate and attractive, so that besides functioning as a torch also because of its beauty can inspire someone to do something.
  3. With a height of 81.9 inches and a width of 41.5 inches, Daum Crystal 448 offers uniqueness in each of its parts. Because no two crystals are the same.

# Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier

Dale Chihuly – USA – US $ 1,800,000


  1. Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier is a masterpiece of Dale Chihuly, a glass engraver artist who is also an American businessman. As the name suggests, this giant crystal chandelier located in 360 Mall, Kuwait.
  2. Unfortunately, a decorative lamp specifically created as an expression or expression of luxury, and something that gives this extraordinary sensation value was destroyed by a young man who deliberately threw his shoe at the lamp.
  3. I did not think that my shoes could destroy the exotic hanging lights, so the reason the young man was interrogated by authorities in Kuwait.

# Pink Lotus Tiffany Lamp

Louis Comfort Tiffany and Associated Artists – USA – US $ 2,800,000


  1. The most expensive lamp in the world is the Pink Lotus, which was auctioned at Christie’s Auction House on December 12, 1997. This lamp was sold for the US $ 2.8 million, then dubbed as the most expensive lamp in the world. Pink Lotus was created by the Tiffany Company, which was founded by Louis Comfort Tiffany.
  2. Initially, Tiffany only made beautiful glass decorations, along with the achievement of her popularity, Tiffany later developed her business working on special and scarce decorative lights. Starting from the selection of wood materials, metal formers, designers to glass manufacturers, all selected and determined by Tiffany, so the results also cause extraordinary admiration.
  3. The Pink Lotus lamp itself made of 2000 beautiful pieces of broken glass, then wrapped in copper foil and lead soldered together. The buffer made of bronze with a mosaic pattern then planted stained glass. The shape of the eight overlapping lotus flowers then forms this beautiful lamp.
Make Home Comfortable by Choosing the Right Lamp

Make Home Comfortable by Choosing the Right Lamp

Almost every location still has lights. It feels like you don’t need to be an ordinary person.

It cannot be an illumination device, in the hands of the right person – lights are a crucial element to enhance the excellent value of housing; at the same time dominant in the psychological occupants. However, good lighting can create a warm atmosphere; which in the same compilation – has an impact on comfort and improves the mood of its inhabitants.

How to maximize the benefits of the lights in the room at their perfection? This can be lighting tips, material selection, and lamp quality, to the placement/position in the room. The process of selecting lights themselves is a process that cannot be underestimated. So, how do you choose the right light?

Well, before entering the statement, here are general tips that you will see when making a lamp purchase.

  1. Adjust to the concept of space. Whatever the type, whether it’s LED lights, study lights, wall lights, table lamps, or even classic decorative lights, try to adjust it first by considering the concept of space. For example, one minimalist concept room matches the model of the lamp that you want to be simple – with the selection of calm colors that are “comfortable” for the eyes. Meanwhile, the need for lighting in the room is also discussed. Is it useful as ceiling lighting, wall decor, or even other decorative elements – which can be used for your space needs?
  2. Design a different space for each space. Better, you know three layers of useful lighting in the room. These functions, namely (1) make residents comfortable; (2) composing nuances, and (3) increasing aesthetic values. To achieve the second benefit, we can alienate part of the space inside the residence first; then select the lamp that matches the benefits (will be explained in the next section).
  3. The position of the lamp is important. A comfortable home can be realized in various ways. Regarding lights, one crucial tip is to ensure the position of the lamp. While in this matter, immediately determine the points of illumination which at the end of the “support” function. For example, the use of lights in the foyer is not only used to illuminate space; Also accept “receive guests,” and delivered a warmer when beautiful.
  4. Lamp size. For a small room, it would be more appropriate if you use a little light. The aim is to avoid the problematic impression on the other side: to influence the inhabitants psychologically.
  5. A budget for purchasing and maintaining lights. In addition to choosing a budget at the beginning of buying lights, asking for help we do not need to fulfill the excess electricity, because of the wrong choice of lights. The solution, use energy efficient and high-quality lights.

Guide to Choosing Lamp Colors

Each color of the lamp can make a unique impression and nuance. Well, as a guide, here are three colors of lights that are commonly used in Indonesian homes.

  1.  Yellow. Use at the entrance, living room, family room, and bathroom. The reason, yellow rays can be used by residents to move. The stronger the yellow color, the more it increases mood according to the perspective of human psychology.
  2. White. Use white to display the impression on the living room, living room or vice versa workspace. While it must be started, white light that is too bright blinds the eyes. Well, the solution, try to compensate for the milky white lights in the room.
  3. Bluish white. Bluish-white lights are proven to make people relax and sleepy quickly. Therefore, for the quality of a good rest – you can use this type of light break in the family room or even the bedroom.

Selecting the Lamp Color matches the Space Function

Is the location of the receptionist; place one time guests set foot. Therefore, to enhance the impression and “welcome guests” well, the lighting of the foyer must be beautiful. It is recommended to use downlight or uplight lighting. As for creating a foyer that looks brighter, the placement also creates a “warm” impression for who is visiting.

Games Room
This room is always men dream. Starting with Pinball machine, PacMan Arcade, Ping Pong table and also a pool table. The position of the lamp is vital to make a cozy environment; also, the color will affect your mood when playing games. The purpose is to make us feel at home but not sleepy in this room because we need all the energy to play the game. Sometimes in this room, people also build a poker table to play with friends and a large TV to monitor sports match when playing Judi bola online through internet.

Make sure you plant a lamp with a unique design in the living room. Because, that’s where “outsiders” will be entertained and accepted – before entering your residence. You can apply general lighting as primary lighting; then vary with accent lighting at a certain point – like a halogen spot lamp that leads/tucked between the ceilings.

Living Room
Make sure you plant a lamp with a unique design in the living room. Because, that’s where “outsiders” will be entertained and accepted – before entering your residence. You can apply general lighting as primary lighting; then vary with accent lighting at a certain point – like a halogen spot lamp that leads/tucked between the ceilings.

Family Room
Create a warmer family room with the right selection of lights. Because that’s where every activity of the residents of the residence will be carried out. Of course, to support all these objectives, it is recommended to choose a comfortable lamp to accommodate all activities there.

You can realize general lighting as the main lighting. The rest, try to use indirect lighting – with a position hidden from one wall and ceiling. As for you, you may also be creative – for example by applying simple planting lights. In this way, the light that will be obtained by the lamp becomes evenly distributed, while creating dramatic effects.

Although not used at any time, in fact, the bathroom is an urgent room in your residence. Therefore, support all activities thereby choosing the right light.

To ensure your comfort and comfort, the bathroom must have uniform illumination. However, the lights must be placed in an element that can reach all areas in the bathroom. Well, for our decorative items, we can plant lights on the mirror side or even add dynamic lighting – in the form of decorative candles in not a few places.

Dining Room
As with the family room, this is where all family members will gather and talk. Well, the warmth of the chat with this family will increase, if we have the right light in the dining room.

Using a flashing chandelier, you can increase the concentration to the dining table and chair. Besides, you should not forget to do general lighting as the leading light that will accommodate all activities in space.

We all know cuisine is closely related to cooking activities. Similar to a small laboratory, that’s where you can be creative and create delicious dishes for the residents of the house. Well, this job will be much more fun – if we have the right lights.

To support this one, we can use bright white lights that are not dazzling. Besides being able to illuminate space, this type of lamp is also able to minimize the risk of injury to the impact of cooking activities. As for increasing the excellent value of the area, it is recommended to install indirect light in the elements under the cabinet, or even storage cabinets.

That is many things that you must see in realizing comfortable dwelling through the selection of lights. One small list, there is a good idea to take into account the estimated amount that we have to spend; for example by choosing energy efficient lights (LED lights), or even dividing it according to the benefits of space and needs.

So That The Bulb is Durable, Follow These Tips and Tricks

So That The Bulb is Durable, Follow These Tips and Tricks

Wherever you are, I and you always find a light bulb that illuminates our days.

The lamp bulb is undeniably functioning as a source of light that helps us complete each day’s work. If the light bulb is not there, you will feel the trouble of digging for a replacement like relying on a light that has an unstable light – the light is often dim.

Do you know how the bulb lights up? The lamp lights up with an electric current that delivers power to the lamp to the point where light appears in the bulb. So from that, the durability of the bulb depends on the amount of energy or electricity flowing and the quality of the lamp itself. It’s best to choose a light, choose one that has weight | weighted | good quality or who have SNI standards.

The durability of the bulb certainly makes you live more practical because you will not spend a little time trying to replace the lamp for a stable, brightly lit source of lighting. Do you want to know the technique of caring for a lamp to keep it durable? In this article, Sepulsa will discuss the method of maintaining a light bulb that is durable. Not just a home light bulb, including even a motorcycle light bulb that usually illuminates your path at night.

Care for a durable lamp bulb

Home Light Bulb

First, we will discuss how to guard a home light bulb. You know not a lot of light bulbs that you need to light up the house. Imagine if you use a light bulb that is not standardized, then you will have to replace it continuously. Aside from the quality of the lamp, as for some things, you must pay attention to how to keep the light bulb durable.

• To keep the lights on for longer, you try to use the lamp to match the voltage and currently listed on the lamp. If you use more energy than you should, the bulb will go out quickly.
• The voltage at the residence location should be kept stable and routinely checked with a voltage meter. If your electricity is not permanent according to information from the voltage meter, you can overcome it by installing ground in the electrical installation that is connected with a negative / zero cable.
• Perform a simple check, try to turn on the television and lights. If the light blinks, there is a problem with electricity. Check all electrical installation cable connections. If there is loose material, it should be immediately tightened and then handed over to the duct tape to be safe.
• Check the size of the cable. Make sure the attached cable matches the power available.
– If the electrical energy in residence is 450 VA-1300 VA, at least the main line is the cable size of 1.5mm.
– Electricity 2200 VA – 3500 VA, at least the main front is 2.5mm cable size.
– Electricity 4400 VA – 5500 VA, at least the mainline 4mm cable size.
• Check the current distribution on the MCB (Mini Circuit Breaker). If one line is used for a large number of devices, then you must increase the MCB again. One MCB is good for 6 instruments.
• Finally, you should not forget to check the electrical installation. Make sure the power lines use 3 lines, namely plus, minus, and ground. The three lines must take place individually. Even better if you add a resistor to the lamp device where you live at the residence so that it can work more optimally.

Motorbike Light Bulb

When you drive at night, of course, you need a lamp to help you drive until you safely reach your destination. You should not be lazy to check the light bulb of a motorbike; it seems trivial but plays a significant role when you drive.
The motorbike light bulb has two filaments, the main lamp (short range) and the dimmer. For those of you motorists, you certainly know the benefits of dimmers. A useful dimmer provides a sign or signal for the driver and has a higher bias light than the leading light.

How to make a durable bulb on a motorbike be handled by listening to the time and type of use of the lamp. The thing you can do to guard a long-lasting bulb is to use dimmer lights during the day. Then at night, you can use the leading lights (close lights).

How To Make Hanging Decorative Lights From Used Goods

How To Make Hanging Decorative Lights From Used Goods

For those who are familiar with upcycling or recycling used goods to be something new, of course, it is no stranger to the many decorative elements of living locations that can be made using this method.

How to create hanging decorative lights from used goods is one of them.

The upcycle or recycle method is an original proposal to use unused merchandise, or even once garbage becomes something that has a return value. Also in many situations, it has become a trend thanks to its attractive and aesthetic appearance.

The high quality of accessories and various elements of home decoration also drives these creative ways increasingly popular. DIY or do it yourself is not the least done by all residential owners to get a stylish appearance in their spaces without losing function.

Therefore, why not try many simple ideas and you can do this yourself for the needs of room decoration at home, beautiful hanging lamps from used goods that look no less trendy with decorative lamp models fabricated from famous brands. The following are many tips and tricks for making hanging decorative lights from used products quoted from many sources;

# Light Pendant Globe

The Light Pendant Globe is the unique hanging lamp. Launching apartment therapy, the technique of making it is quite easy, it only takes 10 minutes with a cost of no more than 150 thousand rupiahs.

# Mason Jar Pendant Light

Decorative Mason jar chandelier is one of the most popular decorative lights. This mason jar pendant light has a unique and unique appearance of attention. Usually, not a little used in commercial areas or spaces such as cafes or co-working space with vintage-industrial interior style, but you can use it or make it use the area or space in your location to make it more attractive and memorable.

# Tin Can Pendant Light

This is the unique and vintage style decorative lighting model. Used cars that are often scattered everywhere, we should not rush to throw away. You can turn used cans into beautiful aesthetic decorative lamps. This decorative lamp model of used goods is very suitable for outdoor locations, like a garden or facade area that will add to the charm of your home.

# DIY Pendant Light Cardboard

The cardboard pendant light is the most genius technique for processing used cardboard with cheap methods with luxurious results. This hanging decorative lamp looks the most stylish and expressive.

# Light Pendant Rope Woven

Hanging decorative lights with ornate straps can also be among the unique decorative elements of space. Woven rope pendant light shows how creative you are when dealing with used items and interior decoration.

That is many hanging decorative lighting models that you can make by using used merchandise. Remember, you shouldn’t spend too little money on lighting and lighting, said the DIY network. Learn techniques for making hanging decorative lights from used goods by way of the up cycle to get an exciting and memorable interior visualization at the location of your stay. Dare to try?

How to Choose the Right Garden Light

How to Choose the Right Garden Light

Houses that have a garden will undoubtedly be maintained its beauty and among the furniture or decorations that can beautify this garden is a garden light.

Now there are not a few lights for a more minimalist garden and can make the garden more aesthetic and beautiful.

When planting these lights, we have to do so many things. Lying must be carried out properly so that later the lighting and beauty of the lamps will be right. If your laying isn’t working correctly enough, your garden will look the most horrible so that your garden lights look beautiful.

The first thing that we must consider is the layout of the lights. The design of the views is the thing you have to look at when setting up the park. Put the lights in the areas that you want to light so that the benefits of the views will be even more optimal. For its location,

You can use it in the middle of the park, try the lights that we put in the middle have more size and have bright colors.

Place lights on thick plants or in front of plants. We can also put some small lights between the location fence and the garden with views facing the plants.

Second, the type of lamp we use. So that your garden is not infrequently bright, try to choose the kind of light that is the least and is resistant to water due to its location being outside.

Try to choose a lamp that is waterproof, because if the rainy season hit, there will not be a problem in your lights after all if there is a fountain or fish pond in the park. In choosing the type of lamp must be considered, when this has been so not a few lights that are waterproof.

Third, choose a garden lamp that has a low voltage. As minimalist lighting, you better use low voltage. You can use this low voltage as security after all if you plant lights near the pool.

In addition to safety, this low voltage lamp will save our electricity consumption at home. Don’t let it go solely because for the sake of home decoration, and then you neglect your electricity savings bill.

Fourth, cable selection. Cables are so urgent for the lights, caused without wires. The lights cannot live. The cable will run electricity and will create lights in our garden.

We also have to pay attention to the laying of the cable, and it should not always go down because the wiring is not quite right, the cable will cause danger. We can plant cables behind a living location or also on the ground.

If your garden is small and small, you can use fiber cables, so you don’t need to adjust the wires a bit to suit your needs.

Finally, where is the location to place this garden light? Because the site is outside your space automatically when daylight will be exposed to sunlight, an urgent matter for security is where we put the lights.

For your location, you must choose a place that is resistant to heat and water so that the lights last in addition to installing lights in areas that are easier to maintain. Do not let you put the lights on a location that can cause danger.

One of the most important matters, when you install a lamp in a garden, is to make sure the existence of the light will not pose a danger to people who are around it.