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7 Ideal Desk Lamps are Stylish and Make You Play Togel Macau

7 Ideal Desk Lamps are Stylish and Make You Play Togel Macau

Now, it’s time to decorate your home office using stylish table lamps that Kania will review through this article. Curious? Come on, see the table lamp reference that you can use the following!

# Elegant and Luxurious with a Classic Design

The following table lamps can be the center of attention because they carry the classic style, and have the most prominent appearance if juxtaposed with a variety of sophisticated work equipment such as computers and tablets. What’s more, this lamp also comes with a gold color that can present the impression of luxury at the location of your work desk.

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Lighting plays an important role in a room. Especially in the workspace, the right illumination can support productivity and improve the aesthetics of the work desk’s appearance so that it can add to the mood while working or while you are playing togel macau online lottery. Therefore, choosing an urgent work desk lamp for productive work.

# Functional Modern Style

This table lamp has a look that is so sophisticated and minimalist that it is ideal to be used to support a variety of fields of work. Comes with an interesting combination of wood and aluminum material, the stem of this lamp can be rotated up to 360 ° so that you can adjust it easily to bring illumination to specific objects.

# Simple & Minimalist Table Lamp

This table lamp has the simplest, most modern, and robust design. Although the appearance of this lamp is very minimalist, it is very suitable for those of you who do not want to use decorative lighting with excessive detail so that the atmosphere of the work desk still seems clean.

As a result, this table lamp is ready to reduce distraction and allow you to concentrate fully when completing work.

# The Warmth of Wood for Natural Impressio

A warm room can undoubtedly add to the comfort of work. Well, for those of you who want to perfect the natural state in the workspace, you can combine a minimalist wooden table lamp like inspiration above to highlight the warm and natural impression.

Having the most trendy look, this table lamp is equipped with a cable coated in the fabric so that it looks more casual and up to date. Guaranteed, the work desk will be the opposite and make you more motivated to complete the task!

# Modern Adjustable Industrial Table Lamp

If you want a flexible work lamp, this adjustable desk lamp can be a solution with adjustable arm and lampshade elements. Industrial design wrapped in red to bring the impression of sophisticated and classy.

This lamp is very suitable to be placed in so many room concepts, even supported by the robust and durable steel material. You can easily adjust the height of the table lamp, classified as a lamp that you can adjust at will to the point that is more flexible for so many needs.

# Save Space with a Pinch Table Lamp

In addition to adopting a minimalist design concept like many previous lamps, this lamp might look simple, but what makes it unique is the addition of a clamp that is at the base of the light. If the table lamp is often on the table, this lamp model will undoubtedly save time and at the same time flexible to be placed at any end without worrying about the weakness of space on the table.

The additional clamp at the base of this table lamp has been designed so that it is tough and powerful to support the bulk of the lamp on the edge of the table. You will also get more space when working and can position lights to areas on the table that require more lighting.

In addition to the selection of the right table lamp design, you also have to choose the appropriate color of the lamp to the extent that it can improve work focus and not create eye fatigue. Now, are you interested in the table lamps above?

Tips for Easy Cleaning Your Valuable Decorative Lights

Tips for Easy Cleaning Your Valuable Decorative Lights

The use of decorative lights in various rooms is considered to be able to beautify and give the impression of luxury in the room. As well as when applying decorative lights to the dining room. But if it is not treated and considered clean, the decorative lights will certainly be dirty. Instead of making the room look more attractive, it will make the room look sloppy and unkempt. To avoid this, there is an easy way to clean the decorative lights that you can apply.

Piles of dust that accumulate on the lights can reduce the amount of light that can be received by the room so that the decorative lights do not function optimally. If it is left to pile up, it is quite possible that the dirt will also make the lamp break quickly. So immediately apply an easy way to clean the rear decorative lights.

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Clean Routinely

Ordinary dust usually is cleaned regularly, at least once a week. For decorative lights that are hung high, you can use a cleaning tool that has a long handle. The cleaning tool will make the dust more comfortable to clean. As for other dirt that is more difficult to clean like the former lizard droppings, you can use a special cloth like a microfiber so that it does not leave scratches on the lamp glass.

Use Stairs

To reach decorative lights that hang high on the ceiling of a house, you can use folding stairs as a foothold. When cleaning it, you can do it by positioning the lamp hanging on the ceiling or removing it first to be cleaned, then putting it back on. If you want to clean it in more detail to the inside of the lamp, it is better to remove the bulb first. It’s good not to forget to turn off the electricity first before cleaning the decorative lights.

Special Cleaning Liquid

To clean decorative lights, you can use special cleaning materials, for example, by spraying glass cleaning liquid on the outer layer of the lamp. Or you can also use a mixture of vinegar and water mixture to clean the glass lamp layer. After cleaning it, don’t forget to wipe it and wipe it back, so it doesn’t leave marks on the lamp. In addition to a mixture of vinegar and water, you can also use a spray of water that has been mixed with a few drops of dish cleaning liquid.

Cleaning decorative lights need to be extra careful so that they can reach all parts of the lamp and not leave any scratch marks. Don’t forget to use a soft cloth.

Get Ready to Sleep More Soundly Accompanied By 7 Projector Sleep Lights!

Get Ready to Sleep More Soundly Accompanied By 7 Projector Sleep Lights!

In this world, some people rest in the dark area, and some people relax with lighting.

This is normal because each person has different tastes. But do you know anytime when you are sleeping, just light, fix, mind, get better, and get better quality rest? For those of you who sleep phobias in extreme emergency, we are ready to start using projector sleep lights.

The projector’s sleep lights use the same as the sleeping lights in general, illuminating the rooms not too much, but still comfortable. The difference is that the projector’s sleeping lights do not merely reflect light but also shadows that can beautify the room.

Come on, get ready for a better rest while accompanied by seven projector sleep lights, this is it!

1. The aurora projector sleeps lights

No need to go far to Iceland to enjoy a sleep under the aurora rays. You can bring your aurora in the sleeping room with a projector lamp. Just turn on the projector’s sleep lights, then the light will go to the ceiling of the room and make shadows similar to Aurora.

2. The lamp sleeps the star projector

Living in a big city that has to be crowded with citizens and skyscrapers makes you prepare to get a star-filled night sky. Instead, choose this replaced star restoration lamp to decorate your night in the sleeping room. This star projector lamp is available in many colors.

3. Abstract projector sleep lights

The next resting lamp of the projector can reflect shadows in the form of abstract paintings. Your sleep time is not only more peaceful, but also more artistic. Although colorful, the shadows of the projector’s recovery lights remain and do not make eyes glare. If you want to take decorations for your family room, you can also!

4. The lamp sleeps the turtle format projector

If the projector’s recovery lamp on this one is undoubtedly very approved by children. The projector sleep lights that make up the turtle that cannot be turned on can be a table decoration because it looks like a doll. The shadow of the bright stars produced by this projector lamp can make children sleep more comfortable.

5. The lamp sleeps the galaxy projector

When you hear the word galaxy, what will appear on your mind? The night sky is filled with stars, constellations, planets, moons, and all kinds of other celestial bodies. I witnessed from a distance, all of these objects look like scattered dots. Very romantic and makes the mind more relaxed.

Because you can’t fly into the sky carelessly, use this galaxy projector’s sleep lights. Place it in the corner of the resting room and let the projector lamp appear carrying the galaxy. Beautiful, right?

6. The lamp sleeps the projector’s cartoon character

One more projector sleep lights are preferred for children, namely lights with the shadow of cartoon characters. Find out which cartoon characters are popular with the childlike henchmen, Doraemon, or Hello Kitty. With the shadow of cartoon characters filling the sleeping room, the child will be more easily told to sleep and can enjoy a good rest.

7. Rainbow projector lamp sleeps

Who sees the Ferris wheel not visible at night? With the projector’s sleep lights, it is even more visible at night, really in your room. This simple glittering shadow can make your sleep more colorful.

So can’t wait using this adorable projector sleep light!

Sponsoring Asia Biggest Poker Tournament Renesola Aims for 200% LED Lighting Sales Growth

Sponsoring Asia Biggest Poker Tournament Renesola Aims for 200% LED Lighting Sales Growth

The lighting company from Shanghai, PT Renesola Clean Energy (Renesola Indonesia) is eyeing the growth of LED lamp sales volume by 200% this year.

Renesola also targets the market share of LED lighting used in Indonesia by 5% in 2019, or higher compared to market share throughout 2018 which is a 3% level equivalent to 120 million units. PT Renesola Indonesia’s Country Director, Noor Miftah Bakry, wrote that the targeted target was optimistic during increasingly tight business competition

The company has prepared as many strategies as possible to reach the target. Namely working on the business collaboration with PT Pixel Perdana Jaya (Pixel), which was appointed by the TP Vision as Philips sole LED TV agent in Indonesia. The period of cooperation is agreed to around one year.

Collaboration between the two entities, said Miftah, was carried out in two collaboration formats, namely one to exchange information about the availability of each product in the market, and secondly related to promotion financing.

“For example, in one shop, there is a Philip TV, but it hasn’t taken Renesola’s lamp yet, so Pixel will say that our lights can enter, and vice versa. While the promotion will be borne together with two parties [joint promotion] proportionally, “he said through a press release, Tuesday (02/19/2019).

Besides, products imported from China since two years later, are committed to continuously improving product variants. Currently LED Renesola has 32 product variants sold in Indonesia and is targeted to be 47 products by mid-2019.

“The different strategy we are doing is to expand market coverage to all of Indonesia, especially in the districts that have not yet been reached, namely NTT, NTB and Papua,” he said.

Likewise, the product segment will be expanded not only on premium LEDs but also presenting middle-lower segment products at low prices.

Meanwhile, to strengthen its existence in Indonesia, Renesola said that the acquisition of PT Sahabat Utama Indonesia (SUI) was a freight & forwarder and transporter company. With this corporate action, Renesola wants to have full control at the logistics level, which is an end to end process since the products are issued from the Renesola factory in China until the products are in the hands of customers.

As for dealing with expansion, Miftah wrote that it plans to bring the Renesola solar industry business to Indonesia. This step is realized by introducing Solar PV products and their derivatives, inverters, chargers and other products related to Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) and its components shortly.

“Our target market, in addition to the Solar Power Plant (PLTS), is the Building Integrated Solar PV (Rooftop Solar PV), Solar Street Lighting, and the Solar Home System. We also target some solar PV producers to be able to use the Renesola Solar Panel component, “he said.

For PV modules, this company will work on a local assembly with some parties who have experience and competence in this field, with a target of reaching a minimum of 40% of local content. “We are currently working on negotiations with at least four local assembly companies,” he added.

For the record, according to information from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), renewable energy in Indonesia only has a contribution of 14.5% of the total installed energy capacity of 57.6 GW. Solar alone provides insufficient grants from 1% of the total installed energy capacity.

The government intends to convert 23% of the total energy supply into renewable energy up to 23% in 2025 and then 31% in 2050. This plan is to support the Paris Climate Agreement. “With the development in the future industry such as diesel fuel, Renesola aspires to become a relevant company in the future,” he said.

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They said in the next few years, this kind of events would keep appearing more and more throughout the year. This kind of investment said to be worth all of it since Poker Online is getting really big in Asia nowadays. The collaboration will expand, embracing more Local Game and Host. The tournament itself is not going around Poker and other Cards Game. Eventually, every single popular game in Online Betting industry will undergo a massive growth and keep getting bigger. What is the next Tournament in Line? Keep in touch and be updated!

5 Benefits of LED Lights That Yet People Know

5 Benefits of LED Lights That Yet People Know

When going to choose lights to illuminate the house, not a few who recommend picking LED lights, when compared to a bulb lamp, this type of LED is more expensive.

Unbeknownst to it, it turns out that there are not a few uses of LED lights that can be experienced by homeowners. Here are five of them.

# 1 Save Energy and Cheap

If you are wondering about the use of LED lights, then the following will be heard very often:

LED lights are familiar with the energy efficient nature. You need to know, and the LED lights only use 1/30 of the average energy required by a bulb. The next thing that then makes this one lamp not too consuming energy and helps save electricity costs.

# 2 Smaller Size

Other characteristics of LED lights that are no less beneficial are the sizes of each of the lights. This lamp is the smallest to the point where it can be used in a location or room that ordinary bulbs cannot enter. The size of LED lights often ranges from 3 to 8 mm. These lights can also be used individually or in series. Besides, the LED light emits a specific view to the point where it doesn’t emit too much heat.

# 3 Benefits of LED Lights: Durable

Other unique facts about the use of LED lights are their use which is quite long and durable. Mentioned, this lamp can last up to 30 thousand to 50 thousand hours of use. When this usage is much longer compared to the ordinary bulb which can only be used around 1,000 – 2,000 hours of usage. While the CFL lamp (fluorescent) which is claimed to be durable also can only be lit for 8 thousand – 10 thousand hours. This is why LED lights can make you save not a little money even if you have to pay for it in advance.

# 4 Not Hot

As pronounced on the first point, the LED lights have a focused direction. Also, this lamp also does not emit heat into the room. Ordinary bulb lights not only emit light but even go away. As much as 90% of his energy goes home to heat, and the matter is very futile. On the other hand, the fluorescent lamp emits 80% of its energy into heat. While the LED lights remain cool to the point that the energy is the most efficient.

# 5 Emitting White Light

Each type of lamp has a different beam of light. For example, the light bulb has a warm yellow color while Fluorescent lights have sits that want blue or green so that the atmosphere of the room becomes cold. Furthermore, LED lights produce a perfect white light so that lighting in the living room becomes more real.

Its quality highly provoked the versatility of the LED lights above. If the lamp is designed with poor quality, then all the benefits cannot be appropriately felt. LED lights also become inefficient, not durable, maybe even make you spend not a little money. Therefore, make sure you check the quality of the LED lights before buying it!

Hopefully the discussion above works for you.