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Tips for Easy Cleaning Your Valuable Decorative Lights

Tips for Easy Cleaning Your Valuable Decorative Lights

The use of decorative lights in various rooms is considered to be able to beautify and give the impression of luxury in the room. As well as when applying decorative lights to the dining room. But if it is not treated and considered clean, the decorative lights will certainly be dirty. Instead of making the room look more attractive, it will make the room look sloppy and unkempt. To avoid this, there is an easy way to clean the decorative lights that you can apply.

Piles of dust that accumulate on the lights can reduce the amount of light that can be received by the room so that the decorative lights do not function optimally. If it is left to pile up, it is quite possible that the dirt will also make the lamp break quickly. So immediately apply an easy way to clean the rear decorative lights.

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Clean Routinely

Ordinary dust usually is cleaned regularly, at least once a week. For decorative lights that are hung high, you can use a cleaning tool that has a long handle. The cleaning tool will make the dust more comfortable to clean. As for other dirt that is more difficult to clean like the former lizard droppings, you can use a special cloth like a microfiber so that it does not leave scratches on the lamp glass.

Use Stairs

To reach decorative lights that hang high on the ceiling of a house, you can use folding stairs as a foothold. When cleaning it, you can do it by positioning the lamp hanging on the ceiling or removing it first to be cleaned, then putting it back on. If you want to clean it in more detail to the inside of the lamp, it is better to remove the bulb first. It’s good not to forget to turn off the electricity first before cleaning the decorative lights.

Special Cleaning Liquid

To clean decorative lights, you can use special cleaning materials, for example, by spraying glass cleaning liquid on the outer layer of the lamp. Or you can also use a mixture of vinegar and water mixture to clean the glass lamp layer. After cleaning it, don’t forget to wipe it and wipe it back, so it doesn’t leave marks on the lamp. In addition to a mixture of vinegar and water, you can also use a spray of water that has been mixed with a few drops of dish cleaning liquid.

Cleaning decorative lights need to be extra careful so that they can reach all parts of the lamp and not leave any scratch marks. Don’t forget to use a soft cloth.

Get Ready to Sleep More Soundly Accompanied By 7 Projector Sleep Lights!

Get Ready to Sleep More Soundly Accompanied By 7 Projector Sleep Lights!

In this world, some people rest in the dark area, and some people relax with lighting.

This is normal because each person has different tastes. But do you know anytime when you are sleeping, just light, fix, mind, get better, and get better quality rest? For those of you who sleep phobias in extreme emergency, we are ready to start using projector sleep lights.

The projector’s sleep lights use the same as the sleeping lights in general, illuminating the rooms not too much, but still comfortable. The difference is that the projector’s sleeping lights do not merely reflect light but also shadows that can beautify the room.

Come on, get ready for a better rest while accompanied by seven projector sleep lights, this is it!

1. The aurora projector sleeps lights

No need to go far to Iceland to enjoy a sleep under the aurora rays. You can bring your aurora in the sleeping room with a projector lamp. Just turn on the projector’s sleep lights, then the light will go to the ceiling of the room and make shadows similar to Aurora.

2. The lamp sleeps the star projector

Living in a big city that has to be crowded with citizens and skyscrapers makes you prepare to get a star-filled night sky. Instead, choose this replaced star restoration lamp to decorate your night in the sleeping room. This star projector lamp is available in many colors.

3. Abstract projector sleep lights

The next resting lamp of the projector can reflect shadows in the form of abstract paintings. Your sleep time is not only more peaceful, but also more artistic. Although colorful, the shadows of the projector’s recovery lights remain and do not make eyes glare. If you want to take decorations for your family room, you can also!

4. The lamp sleeps the turtle format projector

If the projector’s recovery lamp on this one is undoubtedly very approved by children. The projector sleep lights that make up the turtle that cannot be turned on can be a table decoration because it looks like a doll. The shadow of the bright stars produced by this projector lamp can make children sleep more comfortable.

5. The lamp sleeps the galaxy projector

When you hear the word galaxy, what will appear on your mind? The night sky is filled with stars, constellations, planets, moons, and all kinds of other celestial bodies. I witnessed from a distance, all of these objects look like scattered dots. Very romantic and makes the mind more relaxed.

Because you can’t fly into the sky carelessly, use this galaxy projector’s sleep lights. Place it in the corner of the resting room and let the projector lamp appear carrying the galaxy. Beautiful, right?

6. The lamp sleeps the projector’s cartoon character

One more projector sleep lights are preferred for children, namely lights with the shadow of cartoon characters. Find out which cartoon characters are popular with the childlike henchmen, Doraemon, or Hello Kitty. With the shadow of cartoon characters filling the sleeping room, the child will be more easily told to sleep and can enjoy a good rest.

7. Rainbow projector lamp sleeps

Who sees the Ferris wheel not visible at night? With the projector’s sleep lights, it is even more visible at night, really in your room. This simple glittering shadow can make your sleep more colorful.

So can’t wait using this adorable projector sleep light!

Make Home Comfortable by Choosing the Right Lamp

Make Home Comfortable by Choosing the Right Lamp

Almost every location still has lights. It feels like you don’t need to be an ordinary person.

It cannot be an illumination device, in the hands of the right person – lights are a crucial element to enhance the excellent value of housing; at the same time dominant in the psychological occupants. However, good lighting can create a warm atmosphere; which in the same compilation – has an impact on comfort and improves the mood of its inhabitants.

How to maximize the benefits of the lights in the room at their perfection? This can be lighting tips, material selection, and lamp quality, to the placement/position in the room. The process of selecting lights themselves is a process that cannot be underestimated. So, how do you choose the right light?

Well, before entering the statement, here are general tips that you will see when making a lamp purchase.

  1. Adjust to the concept of space. Whatever the type, whether it’s LED lights, study lights, wall lights, table lamps, or even classic decorative lights, try to adjust it first by considering the concept of space. For example, one minimalist concept room matches the model of the lamp that you want to be simple – with the selection of calm colors that are “comfortable” for the eyes. Meanwhile, the need for lighting in the room is also discussed. Is it useful as ceiling lighting, wall decor, or even other decorative elements – which can be used for your space needs?
  2. Design a different space for each space. Better, you know three layers of useful lighting in the room. These functions, namely (1) make residents comfortable; (2) composing nuances, and (3) increasing aesthetic values. To achieve the second benefit, we can alienate part of the space inside the residence first; then select the lamp that matches the benefits (will be explained in the next section).
  3. The position of the lamp is important. A comfortable home can be realized in various ways. Regarding lights, one crucial tip is to ensure the position of the lamp. While in this matter, immediately determine the points of illumination which at the end of the “support” function. For example, the use of lights in the foyer is not only used to illuminate space; Also accept “receive guests,” and delivered a warmer when beautiful.
  4. Lamp size. For a small room, it would be more appropriate if you use a little light. The aim is to avoid the problematic impression on the other side: to influence the inhabitants psychologically.
  5. A budget for purchasing and maintaining lights. In addition to choosing a budget at the beginning of buying lights, asking for help we do not need to fulfill the excess electricity, because of the wrong choice of lights. The solution, use energy efficient and high-quality lights.

Guide to Choosing Lamp Colors

Each color of the lamp can make a unique impression and nuance. Well, as a guide, here are three colors of lights that are commonly used in Indonesian homes.

  1.  Yellow. Use at the entrance, living room, family room, and bathroom. The reason, yellow rays can be used by residents to move. The stronger the yellow color, the more it increases mood according to the perspective of human psychology.
  2. White. Use white to display the impression on the living room, living room or vice versa workspace. While it must be started, white light that is too bright blinds the eyes. Well, the solution, try to compensate for the milky white lights in the room.
  3. Bluish white. Bluish-white lights are proven to make people relax and sleepy quickly. Therefore, for the quality of a good rest – you can use this type of light break in the family room or even the bedroom.

Selecting the Lamp Color matches the Space Function

Is the location of the receptionist; place one time guests set foot. Therefore, to enhance the impression and “welcome guests” well, the lighting of the foyer must be beautiful. It is recommended to use downlight or uplight lighting. As for creating a foyer that looks brighter, the placement also creates a “warm” impression for who is visiting.

Games Room
This room is always men dream. Starting with Pinball machine, PacMan Arcade, Ping Pong table and also a pool table. The position of the lamp is vital to make a cozy environment; also, the color will affect your mood when playing games. The purpose is to make us feel at home but not sleepy in this room because we need all the energy to play the game. Sometimes in this room, people also build a poker table to play with friends and a large TV to monitor sports match when playing Judi bola online through internet.

Make sure you plant a lamp with a unique design in the living room. Because, that’s where “outsiders” will be entertained and accepted – before entering your residence. You can apply general lighting as primary lighting; then vary with accent lighting at a certain point – like a halogen spot lamp that leads/tucked between the ceilings.

Living Room
Make sure you plant a lamp with a unique design in the living room. Because, that’s where “outsiders” will be entertained and accepted – before entering your residence. You can apply general lighting as primary lighting; then vary with accent lighting at a certain point – like a halogen spot lamp that leads/tucked between the ceilings.

Family Room
Create a warmer family room with the right selection of lights. Because that’s where every activity of the residents of the residence will be carried out. Of course, to support all these objectives, it is recommended to choose a comfortable lamp to accommodate all activities there.

You can realize general lighting as the main lighting. The rest, try to use indirect lighting – with a position hidden from one wall and ceiling. As for you, you may also be creative – for example by applying simple planting lights. In this way, the light that will be obtained by the lamp becomes evenly distributed, while creating dramatic effects.

Although not used at any time, in fact, the bathroom is an urgent room in your residence. Therefore, support all activities thereby choosing the right light.

To ensure your comfort and comfort, the bathroom must have uniform illumination. However, the lights must be placed in an element that can reach all areas in the bathroom. Well, for our decorative items, we can plant lights on the mirror side or even add dynamic lighting – in the form of decorative candles in not a few places.

Dining Room
As with the family room, this is where all family members will gather and talk. Well, the warmth of the chat with this family will increase, if we have the right light in the dining room.

Using a flashing chandelier, you can increase the concentration to the dining table and chair. Besides, you should not forget to do general lighting as the leading light that will accommodate all activities in space.

We all know cuisine is closely related to cooking activities. Similar to a small laboratory, that’s where you can be creative and create delicious dishes for the residents of the house. Well, this job will be much more fun – if we have the right lights.

To support this one, we can use bright white lights that are not dazzling. Besides being able to illuminate space, this type of lamp is also able to minimize the risk of injury to the impact of cooking activities. As for increasing the excellent value of the area, it is recommended to install indirect light in the elements under the cabinet, or even storage cabinets.

That is many things that you must see in realizing comfortable dwelling through the selection of lights. One small list, there is a good idea to take into account the estimated amount that we have to spend; for example by choosing energy efficient lights (LED lights), or even dividing it according to the benefits of space and needs.

Various Types Of Stage Lights Are Often Used

Various Types Of Stage Lights Are Often Used

Are you interested in knowing the world of stage lighting but are confused with so many models, types, prices, features, and don’t know where to start?

The following is brief information that will help introduce you to the world of stage lighting or better known in Indonesia as ‘stage lights.’ Let’s start by knowing various lighting groups and different types of stage lighting.

Based on the type of equipment/housing


PAR / PARcan (short for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector), is standard equipment in stage lighting. In general, PAR is a static/immovable equipment, which shoots light/light without a clear boundary, and acts as an ambient/flood light to fill the entire room and produce certain conditions.

# Bar

The fixture bar is similar to PAR, which is useful for filling the room with light, but has a linear (rod) format that extends, as long as the results of the fire shot are more even and not centered or oval like in PAR.

# Panel

Fixture panel, as the name implies has a format in the form of groups, most of the surface emits light. Some panels are used as washers/floods, to produce the most even glow in the room, and there are also panels that are modular (can be connected into larger groups).

This is great), and is useful as a substitute for giant video/lighting screens and can be programmed with pixel mapping.

# Pinspot

Pinspot is a device that has small dimensions, which are usually installed in large numbers, and are easily mounted to many positions, and shoot light points.

# Cannon

Cannon is small equipment and often has the task of producing a centralized beam with large output to give air effect to light shows. Usually having a low beam angle is not like PAR, but also has no clear boundaries like spotlights.

# Middle part

The center is sullen in all fixture that is often placed in the middle of the room so that it can be watched from various sides and also emits light in all directions with the widest beam angle. The center can be a fixture like a dome like a mirror ball which often gives the effect of a moonflower or even a moving head that fires various types of lighting effects in all directions.

# Head moving

Moving heads, among those you often encounter next to PAR, is equipment that has a head/head that can run because there is a motor in it that controls the position, direction, and speed of movement.

# Scanner

The scanner is all equipment that has the same benefits as a moving head, which is photographing light that moves in all directions. But unlike the flying head, the scanner does not touch the head/head of the lamp but moves the mirror/mirror that reflects light on it. Because mirrors only drive it, scanners can usually reflect light much faster, but have a narrower beam angle, and are often cheaper.

# Follow the Spot

Follow spots are equipment that shoots light with a prodigious output (usually in the form of spotlights), which can be operated manually with operator lighting. Usually, follow spots are used to highlight certain images/objects on the stage so that the entire audience concentrates on the highlighted object.

# Projector

The projector is all equipment in charge of projecting images/motifs/ animations that can be changed, including Gobo and laser projectors.

# Decorative

Decorative fixture often refers to the entire installation which acts as an ornament to make the atmosphere more lively. This decorative lighting can be anything and comes in various forms.

Based on the type of beam produced

There are many categories of stage lighting according to the beam/light produced. Among them:

# Wash / Flood

Wash or flood is a light with a uniform distribution and fluorescent nature. Usually obtained by PAR fixture, bar, or panel, and there is also a number in the form of a moving head. This type of lighting is often used to fill the room and submit background conditions. Blitz/strobe is also included in the wash, but it only fires light with the duration of the shortest period/flashing.

# Spot Light

Spotlights or known as the spotlight is a type of light with relatively high intensity, and the direction of lighting is focused on a specific location with clear boundaries. This irradiation aims to give accent to an object with the highlighting technique. Another function is to deliver aerial beam effects if fired into the ceiling in situations where not a few particles are flying in the air.

# Gobo

Gobo is a spotlight paired with a metal plate that has a specific motif in front of the lens to the point of producing an exciting motif/image. Gobo projector can also be paired with a theme in the form of a logo with a destination promoting something.

# Moonflower

Moonflower is a colorful light effect that moves a specific pattern, and its spread in all directions so that it fills the room with that effect. Usually used in dark spaces like karaoke rooms, cafes/restaurants, clubs, dance floors, or any stage.

# Laser

Lasers are like those that are not uncommon in clubs and large events/concerts, where light is obtained using laser technology. Lasers are light that has the highest intensity but are fired at the most top speed and are most focused on one point. In the space passed, the laser can deliver the most stunning aerial effect, while the object being fired, the laser can produce images or even animation when burned at high scanning speeds.

# Pixel

Pixel lighting is the light obtained in a lighting fixture that is often a LED panel or rod consisting of rows of lights inside. These pixels can then be programmed to produce individual images/animations when watched from a distance. The monitor and television screen consists of the densest pixel of light.

Based on the type of light bulb (bulb)

There are many types of light bulbs used in lighting fixtures.

Among them are HID (High-Intensity Discharge), HIR (Infrared Halogen), and the most recent is LED (Light Emitting Diode). Compared to Discharge and Halogen lamps, LED technology has many advantages including the most extended lamp life (20,000-30,000 hours), does not require time for cooling down like Discharge, and does not issue excessive heat like Halogen.

Along with the growth of technology, LED itself has experienced no small changes. Lighting can also be separated according to the control technique. Some are non-DMX, DMX, and so on.

If you have a lighting project that you want to work on but are confused about where to start, please contact us for more information. We can also help procure many kinds of lighting needs from the American DJ brand (entry-mid size venue and indoor), Elation Lighting (pro and outdoor), X-Laser (programmable laser), along with applications and lighting controllers like Hog (lighting console hardware ), Arkaos (video and lighting software), and Pangolin (laser show software).