How to Fix a Damaged or Dead LED Light with a Jumper Technique

How to Fix a Damaged or Dead LED Light with a Jumper Technique

Customers will undoubtedly experience the problem of broken LED lights from all groups, and even 5-star casinos must also experience things like this. Sometimes this big casino also has issues with lights, whether their lights are broken, broken, or dead. Therefore, for the convenience of the visitors, the Casino staff will pay attention to the quality and immediately resolve what problems occur. As such, Casino visitors will not feel disturbed. IT Casino staff pay attention to the quality of their website so that real players visit and become members. For example, at some Online Casino Sites, in terms of images, colors, content is exciting. Also, this website also offers various bonuses that can be obtained by new members and loyal members.

Back to the point of the article, from the problem of LED lights that might occur, we will discuss how to repair a broken LED light – For better lighting systems, now not a few people prefer lights with LED technology than ordinary bulb lights. This LED or Lighting Emitting Diode does not have several advantages, especially its long-lasting and long-lasting life. Even the best LED brand bulbs are said to last up to 5 years, although in fact, it is quite difficult to find LED lights that are genuinely durable because of the many brands on the market.

A little information, the LED light is obtained from the incandescent two poles, namely the Anode and the Cathode which is supplied with a certain electric current with a low voltage. When an electrical voltage evolution occurs, or when the voltage exceeds a powerful electric current is needed, it could be that the LED lights will die to the point that the electrical current flowing inside becomes disconnected. This condition of creating LED lights can no longer be useful.

Tips to Easily Repair Damaged LED Lights

If the LED lights suddenly turn off because of a voltage surge, can it still be repaired? The answer can be. Here you can see the technique of repairing a dilapidated LED light or dead.

Broken Lamp Check

Before entering the repair stage, the first step that you have to do is check the broken light element. You must remodel one by one. Use a small flashlight to check for dilapidated or dead LED lights.

Check Resistor Value

Also, make sure the resistor value of the LED light that you want to repair. If the value of the resistor indicates a value of 330 ohms, the lamp usually uses two pieces of LEDs. If the resistor value is 150 ohms, the LED light uses 3 LED arrays. Well, if the resistor value is 1 ohm, it can be guaranteed that the lamp uses 4 LED arrays. Next, you have to look and memorize the positive (+) and negative (-) lines in the LED.

“By-Pass” solder in the second part of the LED foot that is dead with the cable

How to fix a dilapidated or dead LED light can be accomplished by the technique of jumping a dead LED. The way is pretty by soldering the LED foot element by using a small cable.

The steps, cut the small size cable and then solder the two ends of the cable to the two LED feet that have died. Connect the two ends of the cable to the positive (+) pole and the negative (-) pole using solder and lead.

This trick aims to re-connect and redirect the current to the dead LED. This method may only apply to the problem of LED lights with the Series LED Scheme, where when one of the LED lights goes off the other dies because all of them do not get an electric current.

Perform a Retest on the LED Bulb Lamp

If the cable has been connected to both LED feet properly the next step is to do the test. Arriving at this stage the LED lights that were initially dead and successful at “jumper” can be back on. What must be remembered, it needs accuracy when you solder the cable or tamper with the elements of the circuit.

Body Cover LED and Reinstalled Light

The last step is to go home, and the LED light bulb is like the original, then plug it in again. Now, with this simple technique, you can at least delay making purchases of new LED lights. Thankfully the corrected lamp can last longer.

Thus the technique of repairing LED lights is dilapidated or dead. Maybe after understanding this easy trick, you will no longer rush to throw the dead LED flashlight because it can still be repaired. Good luck.