How To Make Hanging Decorative Lights From Used Goods

How To Make Hanging Decorative Lights From Used Goods

For those who are familiar with upcycling or recycling used goods to be something new, of course, it is no stranger to the many decorative elements of living locations that can be made using this method.

How to create hanging decorative lights from used goods is one of them.

The upcycle or recycle method is an original proposal to use unused merchandise, or even once garbage becomes something that has a return value. Also in many situations, it has become a trend thanks to its attractive and aesthetic appearance.

The high quality of accessories and various elements of home decoration also drives these creative ways increasingly popular. DIY or do it yourself is not the least done by all residential owners to get a stylish appearance in their spaces without losing function.

Therefore, why not try many simple ideas and you can do this yourself for the needs of room decoration at home, beautiful hanging lamps from used goods that look no less trendy with decorative lamp models fabricated from famous brands. The following are many tips and tricks for making hanging decorative lights from used products quoted from many sources;

# Light Pendant Globe

The Light Pendant Globe is the unique hanging lamp. Launching apartment therapy, the technique of making it is quite easy, it only takes 10 minutes with a cost of no more than 150 thousand rupiahs.

# Mason Jar Pendant Light

Decorative Mason jar chandelier is one of the most popular decorative lights. This mason jar pendant light has a unique and unique appearance of attention. Usually, not a little used in commercial areas or spaces such as cafes or co-working space with vintage-industrial interior style, but you can use it or make it use the area or space in your location to make it more attractive and memorable.

# Tin Can Pendant Light

This is the unique and vintage style decorative lighting model. Used cars that are often scattered everywhere, we should not rush to throw away. You can turn used cans into beautiful aesthetic decorative lamps. This decorative lamp model of used goods is very suitable for outdoor locations, like a garden or facade area that will add to the charm of your home.

# DIY Pendant Light Cardboard

The cardboard pendant light is the most genius technique for processing used cardboard with cheap methods with luxurious results. This hanging decorative lamp looks the most stylish and expressive.

# Light Pendant Rope Woven

Hanging decorative lights with ornate straps can also be among the unique decorative elements of space. Woven rope pendant light shows how creative you are when dealing with used items and interior decoration.

That is many hanging decorative lighting models that you can make by using used merchandise. Remember, you shouldn’t spend too little money on lighting and lighting, said the DIY network. Learn techniques for making hanging decorative lights from used goods by way of the up cycle to get an exciting and memorable interior visualization at the location of your stay. Dare to try?

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