So That The Bulb is Durable, Follow These Tips and Tricks

So That The Bulb is Durable, Follow These Tips and Tricks

Wherever you are, I and you always find a light bulb that illuminates our days.

The lamp bulb is undeniably functioning as a source of light that helps us complete each day’s work. If the light bulb is not there, you will feel the trouble of digging for a replacement like relying on a light that has an unstable light – the light is often dim.

Do you know how the bulb lights up? The lamp lights up with an electric current that delivers power to the lamp to the point where light appears in the bulb. So from that, the durability of the bulb depends on the amount of energy or electricity flowing and the quality of the lamp itself. It’s best to choose a light, choose one that has weight | weighted | good quality or who have SNI standards.

The durability of the bulb certainly makes you live more practical because you will not spend a little time trying to replace the lamp for a stable, brightly lit source of lighting. Do you want to know the technique of caring for a lamp to keep it durable? In this article, Sepulsa will discuss the method of maintaining a light bulb that is durable. Not just a home light bulb, including even a motorcycle light bulb that usually illuminates your path at night.

Care for a durable lamp bulb

Home Light Bulb

First, we will discuss how to guard a home light bulb. You know not a lot of light bulbs that you need to light up the house. Imagine if you use a light bulb that is not standardized, then you will have to replace it continuously. Aside from the quality of the lamp, as for some things, you must pay attention to how to keep the light bulb durable.

• To keep the lights on for longer, you try to use the lamp to match the voltage and currently listed on the lamp. If you use more energy than you should, the bulb will go out quickly.
• The voltage at the residence location should be kept stable and routinely checked with a voltage meter. If your electricity is not permanent according to information from the voltage meter, you can overcome it by installing ground in the electrical installation that is connected with a negative / zero cable.
• Perform a simple check, try to turn on the television and lights. If the light blinks, there is a problem with electricity. Check all electrical installation cable connections. If there is loose material, it should be immediately tightened and then handed over to the duct tape to be safe.
• Check the size of the cable. Make sure the attached cable matches the power available.
– If the electrical energy in residence is 450 VA-1300 VA, at least the main line is the cable size of 1.5mm.
– Electricity 2200 VA – 3500 VA, at least the main front is 2.5mm cable size.
– Electricity 4400 VA – 5500 VA, at least the mainline 4mm cable size.
• Check the current distribution on the MCB (Mini Circuit Breaker). If one line is used for a large number of devices, then you must increase the MCB again. One MCB is good for 6 instruments.
• Finally, you should not forget to check the electrical installation. Make sure the power lines use 3 lines, namely plus, minus, and ground. The three lines must take place individually. Even better if you add a resistor to the lamp device where you live at the residence so that it can work more optimally.

Motorbike Light Bulb

When you drive at night, of course, you need a lamp to help you drive until you safely reach your destination. You should not be lazy to check the light bulb of a motorbike; it seems trivial but plays a significant role when you drive.
The motorbike light bulb has two filaments, the main lamp (short range) and the dimmer. For those of you motorists, you certainly know the benefits of dimmers. A useful dimmer provides a sign or signal for the driver and has a higher bias light than the leading light.

How to make a durable bulb on a motorbike be handled by listening to the time and type of use of the lamp. The thing you can do to guard a long-lasting bulb is to use dimmer lights during the day. Then at night, you can use the leading lights (close lights).

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