Tips for Easy Cleaning Your Valuable Decorative Lights

Tips for Easy Cleaning Your Valuable Decorative Lights

The use of decorative lights in various rooms is considered to be able to beautify and give the impression of luxury in the room. As well as when applying decorative lights to the dining room. But if it is not treated and considered clean, the decorative lights will certainly be dirty. Instead of making the room look more attractive, it will make the room look sloppy and unkempt. To avoid this, there is an easy way to clean the decorative lights that you can apply.

Piles of dust that accumulate on the lights can reduce the amount of light that can be received by the room so that the decorative lights do not function optimally. If it is left to pile up, it is quite possible that the dirt will also make the lamp break quickly. So immediately apply an easy way to clean the rear decorative lights.

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Clean Routinely

Ordinary dust usually is cleaned regularly, at least once a week. For decorative lights that are hung high, you can use a cleaning tool that has a long handle. The cleaning tool will make the dust more comfortable to clean. As for other dirt that is more difficult to clean like the former lizard droppings, you can use a special cloth like a microfiber so that it does not leave scratches on the lamp glass.

Use Stairs

To reach decorative lights that hang high on the ceiling of a house, you can use folding stairs as a foothold. When cleaning it, you can do it by positioning the lamp hanging on the ceiling or removing it first to be cleaned, then putting it back on. If you want to clean it in more detail to the inside of the lamp, it is better to remove the bulb first. It’s good not to forget to turn off the electricity first before cleaning the decorative lights.

Special Cleaning Liquid

To clean decorative lights, you can use special cleaning materials, for example, by spraying glass cleaning liquid on the outer layer of the lamp. Or you can also use a mixture of vinegar and water mixture to clean the glass lamp layer. After cleaning it, don’t forget to wipe it and wipe it back, so it doesn’t leave marks on the lamp. In addition to a mixture of vinegar and water, you can also use a spray of water that has been mixed with a few drops of dish cleaning liquid.

Cleaning decorative lights need to be extra careful so that they can reach all parts of the lamp and not leave any scratch marks. Don’t forget to use a soft cloth.

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